Well i'm not sure what got into me, but i feel good and i feel like there is nothing wrong drawing beutiful women all the time... I guess i just need to stop listen to Bliss - Kissing ! Anyway, here is another one. This one didn't came up the way i wanted it, but it's still nice in my eyes.


Angel Stoyanov said...

Bravo /clap
Keep up good work and make my day
Whos Vanja btw :?

P.S use bigger boobs pls

Anellia said...

nah, use smaller butts :P

z said...

Your drawings are spectacular (I think that's the right word). I can't believe I can feel attracted to a cartoon :)
They're like a contemporary version of pin-up girls, or something like that. Great! Keep it up!
And yeah..maybe ying's right...wider shoulders? :)
Everybody's a critic :)